UFO Sighting in Margate, Florida on March 10th 2014 – Orb light ufo hovering in sky for at least 15 minutes with mulitple witnesses at Walmart on 3/10/14 at night

I was able to receive a copy of this event and this was recorded from a cell phone. If I have the information correct there were at least 10 observers at the Walmart located at 441 & Atlantic this particular night including a security guard. This recorded piece here was towards the end of its appearance in the sky at that time. I will try to submit a separate posting here as well so people can watch the video (tried submitting here in comments but appears to only take image files) and to encourage others who may be able to add additional info. There is also a very similar object (some call a light orb, also light orb ufo) that was posted from Boynton Beach around this date & you can easily find it on the map. I wonder if this was this same or a different object. There are also others who saw the same or different object near this date in Coral Springs and you can look on the map as well & see those submissions.

It appeared to have various colors that it emitted as a white-like ufo light orb- other colors were blueish, purple/violet & hues of green. It hovered for a good while and was around for about 15 minutes. It had a flickering appearance at one point.

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