UFO Sighting in Milton of Campsie, Scotland on October 13th 1995 – Lights in the sky

I was travelling in my car with a group of friends up through the Milton of Campsie in the UK.
The road is like a long back road (B822 Crow Road)
It was getting dark when I myself felt like the engine was dying on me in my car, then there was a flashing white/blue light which seemed to be right above us and car wouldnt start.
My friends in the car asked me to stop carrying on but it wouldnt start and kept telling them it isnt me its outside.
None of us got out and looked as we just looked out the windows of the car to see if we spotted anything above us but couldnt see anything.
There was no with no mobile/cell phone coverage or radio.

There was no noise like an airplane or helicopter would make just silence.
This light flashed for a few mins then was gone and car started again after a few tries, there was no fading of the light when it went away just steady blink/glow then was pitch black again.

We travelled to a place called the Clachan Hotel just to calm our nerves and asked the manager at the time if there was a flight path in the location it happened and he said no. There are no airplanes on that stretch of land only into the town as you can see them flying through the day at the bottom of the hill (car park) but no where near it happened with us.

It happened, I was say 4-5 mins which felt longer when we talked about it to the manager and thinking about it.

The following day my friend in Banknock, Bonnybridge (near Falkirk in the UK)says he seen something similar to what we noticed and said it didnt make a noise but what he described was a disc shape which there was no lights coming from it and no sound but like a plane slowly moving but low then stopped and a blue/white light appeared from it then it was gone, no noise just vanished from the area.

Not sure if he was making it up but he told me this before I spoke to him what I had seen and going what he stated the 2 seem to be the same.

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