UFO Sighting in Portlnad, North Dakota on March 28th 2014 – Bright Star moving erratically in all direction but remained in orig area.

I live on a farm in ND. No neighbors within 1/2 mile. Absolutely now traffic of any kid on the nearest highway ND Country rd. 200. 1/2 way from Mayville and Finley North Dakota.

I went outside the front porch (East) at 2:AM until 4:AM with my 2 dogs and 2 cats for them to do their business. It’s a ritual but I haven’t gone out with them since last fall when it was above -20 below F.

When I came the sky had clouded lightly but I could still see this moving star, the only one left in the sky.

There were a normal scattering of stars at first (2:AM). Looking due east, up about 40 degrees and about 25 degrees to the North there was an unusually bright start. The brightest in the sky.

I only had to look at it fir 1 second before it suddenly moved up,, the left, then down, then up, then right. Movements were sudden and fast bye the entire time I watched it stayed in the same area, about the size of a dime. Small yes, but at its’ distance it looked about the same size as the space station and a bit brighter. At first I thought it may be one but it’s movements were fast, abrupt and with no apparent logical purpose.

And, most impressive was it’s speed.

Feelings, reaction: I was elated that I finely saw what had to but a UFO. There is no way we can make something move so randomly and fast at what looked to be in the outer atmosphere.

Never lost sight until the sky cloud over about 3:AM.

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