UFO Sighting in Ohio on May 15th 2012 – UFO Stationary shines light down

My boys and I arrived at my mother-in-laws in Canton,OH. after baseball to pick up my wife. It was close to 9:30pm and a very clear night sky. She was out back with my mother-in-law and her two other friends. Being polite I stuck around to listen to their discussion. I was standing the whole time and just started to look at the sky. All I saw were stars. and just looked to the east, south and west enjoying the night sky. I noticed a larger brighter circle white light much lower than the stars and stationary not flickering. It appeared to be at an altitude that an airliner would fly while making an approach to land a couple miles out. FYI, I live close to a smaller Airport, and know the patterns, size and what and airliner looks like at night. The strange part was that there were no airlines in the sky while I was looking around. I continued to look around in the night sky some more, always looking back at that circle brighter light in the sky. I remember a few times looking at My wife’s mom and her friends while they where talking. I was really testing to see if that light would go away when I looked back up at it. Finally after looking and starring at the light for about the 4th or 5th time. I finally asked my Mother-in-law,her friends, and my wife to look at the Bright Light in the sky. Their conversation stopped and everyone just looked at it for about a minute. I think it was one of my son’s who asked me what that was. I simply said I don’t know. We all starred at the bright light. I looked at my Mother-in-law and her friends and everyone was just looking at the light. I looked back at the light which still has not moved in the 12-15min I have been at my Mother-in-laws.

Then about 3sec. after I tuned back to look at the Circle Bright Light in the sky. A bright light that was narrow from the Bright Circle and widened as it reached earth shined down from the Circle Bright light all the way down to the ground for about 12-15sec. Then that light jumped or shot up off the Ground to about 3/4 the way down to ground from the UFO for about 2,to 3 sec. then the light shining down jumped/shot up again from the UFO and is now about 1/2 way down to the ground,Then for about 1 sec. The light that was shining down jumped/shot up again to about 1/4 way down to the ground from the UFO. At this point the light was almost back to the Circle bright light. Then within a nano second what was left of the light shining down blacked out and so did the bright circle light. Gone. It just disappeared. I looked at my mother-in-law,her friends,wife and everyone’s jaw was dropped like they saw a ghost. And we all just looked at each other.

My mother-in-law started making excuses. She said it was a plane. I told her planes don’t sit there that long and shine a light down, and said there are no planes around. Interestingly enough. I started to see airlines fly by. And pointed to her that is what an airline looks like in the sky which wasn’t even remotely close to what we witnessed. In fact, the 12-15 min that the Circle light was in the sky there were no airlines. After the Circle light was gone. In about 8 min. later I saw two airlines in the sky one flying East to West the other North to South just west of me. and those were the airlines I pointed to my mother-in-law. Her friends were still in shock. I Didn’t know who to call so I went home got online( can’t remember the site) and filed a report.

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