UFO Sighting in Windsor, Missouri on March 17th 2010 – large blimp like but domed size of a football stadium

I got off work at 2 am in warrensburg I was traveling home to Windsor I noticed a blue light was following me when I got into Windsor I lost sight of it due to lights in town as soon as I got home I went to bak yard I lived at edge of city limits a hay field is diretly behind where I was living at the time there were no lights just a field I walked to back yard facing lake area I notied 4 jets coming from the east 4 coming from west I looked out at the area they were flying towards I spotted the blue light I saw what looked like a huge blimp it was blacker than the sky when the jets started getting close the top started to glow it looked like a volcano that’s how I seen it was domed on top then it sped away faster than the speed of light it left flames when it took off the jets were flying low and were in fighting formations they all had missles and im convinced they were gonna try to shoot it the lights in blue springs I seen around Truman lake area 6 months before being reported there ive seen many blue like star zipping through the sky sooting straight up at unbelievable speeds I have seen orange fire ball shooting beam towards the ground I seen yellow orbs that when the moved at high speed it moed like a fish when first accelerated I seen these things in 2010 and 2011

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