When I was very young——-

I am not sure if I was abducted or not, but to a small child how do you think they would handle being abducted? How do you think they would perceive the aliens that visited?

Okay, these are the questions that are going through my mind. I have recently been getting into the alien phenomena more intensely, but have always believed that they are here due to seeing flying UFO and worked on crop circles around Wiltshire. Also I have NEVER talked to anyone about this theory. Whilst increasing my journey into this field, it has brought back memories of when I was a child. I have always seen spirit (not as often as I would like), but I know that the things I saw back in the late 50’s early 60’s were not spirit. My wife knows that I use to see many faces and she knows what I called them. I was born mid 50’s and for a few years I use to see faces that were not human coming from my ceiling. My ceiling was yellow and as a very young child I called them curry men, due to the fact that they were NOT human and therefore had no reference to what they were. I can’t recall much, only that they came at night and I was scared. This gave me a long term fear of the dark and I always wanted the light on, on the landing and the door left open. What happened to me I have no idea. But, I can say that I was scared of them. I also guess they left me alone after 7 years of age. I can’t remember what they looked like; only that they blended in with the ceilings colour.

Just to add, that when ever we had bible teaching lessons at school, my explanation (to the amusement of the teachers) that the cloud that descended or other details from the bible; I use to explain to them that it was alien spacecraft or alien technology that made the bush burn etc. I knew nothing of these things; and yet that was the answer I gave. I never took bible lessons after 11 years of age, so it never came up again. And if you think; that I was very young and had no idea of these things. It was in the early 60’s and information to a young person was limited.

This is my story of what I can tell you. As I was only a child and I was not allowed to express myself back then I suppose I had to bury this and deal with the trauma of it all as I grew up. Besides dealing with the fact I had crap parents. Maybe I will afford to be hypnotised one day and I will have it revealed to exactly what it was that I went through at such a young age.

Thanks for reading this, even though it is very sketchy. Also I have now voiced my thoughts, which I have never done on this subject

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