Black Triangle Sighting in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on February 28th 2014 – Ive Spotted Black Triangles in Lancaster, PA 3 Times Close Up, Very Credible Witness

Lately in Lancaster, PA I have spotted black triangles in sky, close enough to see them on several occasions & I am a very credible witness as well.

About my background, I am a credited Audio Producer & Engineer, a graduate of the Institute of Audio Research, where one of the first things you will learn is Ear Training, Sound Levels & Measurments, and more in depth audio related training. I only mention my background due to it plays a part in my knowledge of the sighting. Also I am a military & air force enthusiast, I’ve grown up with the love of planes & with the knowledge of every plane in America’s public arsenal. My father was an Army Ranger and taught me what to look for when spotting and identifying planes & objects in the sky.

Every night I come home from my girlfriends house a little late, usually around 4-5:30am, and before I get into the house, I finish the rest of my cigarette while admiring the stars and constellations.

The first sightings date was February 28th, 2014, the time was approximately 4:30-4:50am that early morning. I was arriving home, I just parked my car in front of my house. As I got out of the car, I relaxed on the side of the back of my car as i finished my cigarette. As I was looking in the sky to see if it was possible to spot the Andromeda Galaxy with the naked eye or not. I noticed a black semi transparent triangle going in a straight direction towards my house and flying way too low. The object was moving very slowly, too slow to be a plane for sure, it was flying North West to South East. The object made ZERO sound, which puzzled me for sure.

At first thought, I guessed it was an F-117 (a US fighter plane), or possibly a drone. But as it got closer, I knew for sure I was wrong. The object got so close to my house that it was only about 100-150 feet above my house as it flew by. If a plane, especially an F-117 was to do that, the sound would have shown for sure. In this case of the object that I’ve seen, the entire time there was no sound at all, no chemical trail, no engine sound, and no windows visible to me at the time.

As the object appeared above my house I was able to get a good look at it, probably as good as it will get without having the object hover or land. The object was a complete triangle, all dark black colored, no lights visible, no windows visible, and the object had about a 10 percent transparancy. When I say 10 percent transparency, I mean that it was 90 percent visible as a black figure and 10 percent see-through.

There really wasn’t much to see to be honest, the object looked like it intended to blend into the night sky since there was no sound, no trail, and 10 percent transparency.

The object flew in a South Eastern direction over my house at about 100-150 feet above me in a straight direction. I did not chase the object or take any pictures or video (I don’t own a phone or camera).

I’ve spotted this same object, the same time (4-5:30am) two more times the week after the first sighting.

Sighting #2
March 4th, 2014 – Same object – same details, same flight path
appox time – 4-5:30am
Lancaster, PA

Sighting #3
March 5th, 2014 – Same object, same details, same flight path
approx time – 4-5:30am
Lancaster, PA

All three sightings are the same object. It was close enough for me to identify that it was NOT a drone, F-117, or baloon.

I’d be happy to share any more information that I can provide you all.

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