Extraterrestrial life in our Solar System

I’m eager to discuss with you about extraterrestrial life in our Solar System and beyond.
First question I asked myself is:
What are requirements for life to evolve from dead atoms and molecules to organic molecules, from single cell organisms to higher life forms on some newly formed planet or moon, let say we are talking about our Solar System.
Just here on Earth we have so much alien life that we can’t imagine,
we have bacteria that can live and reproduce on 122°C (252°F), some of them can thrive in very acidic or alkaline conditions, Picrophilus torridus can live in pH 0 and that’s like living in sulfuric acid.
These were all bacteria, there is a creature that can withstand even worse condition,
Tardigrades are classified as extremophiles, these creatrures can thrive in physically or geochemically extreme conditions that would be detrimental for most life on Earth.
Tardigrades can withstand temperature just above absolute zero (-273.14°C) to well above boiling point of water.
They can survive pressures 6 times stronger than pressures found in the deepest oceans trenches.
They can go without food or water 10 years.

Let’s discuss about this for start and later we will move on,
could creature like this one live in our Solar System on moons around Jupiter or Saturn that are actually offering much better condition for life than this creature can survive?
And what it could become for millions of years of evolving and adapting to environment?

There is much more to life than we know, share this video and let’s all talk about it until truth come out!

Moons in our Solar System – Intro – YouTube

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