UFO Sighting in Maryville, Illinois on October 10th 2012 – Felt like I was being watched.

I had just turned 18 years old that summer and I began living with my eldest Sister in her apartment at Stonebridge Golf Course in Maryville. Living there was very secluded so occasionally I would walk to Collinsville for some where and something to do. One evening in October 2002 I was walking back from Collinsville. I started to star gaze while walking. As soon as I looked up I noticed straight ahead there was what I thought to be a star just a little bigger and brighter than the rest. Within seconds of questioning myself on whether or not it was something else it then shifted fast to the right to the left to the right again it was gone in lightning speed. I believed then I saw a U.F.O. I didn’t mention it to anybody. I felt as if it was watching me also for it to bolt from my view as soon as I looked at it still makes me wonder about the mystery. After that sighting I watched on t.v. the story about U.F.Os over Southern Illinois and I’m glad I can join others in saying I saw it too. The truth is out there.

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