Black Triangle Sighting in McAlester, Oklahoma on June 15th 1995 – pitch black triangular object, thickness of 5 feet, surface Un – smooth

During the summer of 1995 a group of neighborhood kids were playing outside during the night, it was between the hours of 12 pm to 2 am. We were playing a war game where one team hid and the other team would search. I included this because I felt the object was watching or recording our behavior. During the game I captured a player from the opposite team and lashed his hands behind his back, of course the kid resisted trying to get away. Because of this he fell on his back, his head facing towards the south and feet towards the north. I proceeded to pick him up when he objected. He became very disturbed asking me what “that was” he said look up there. I thought he was just trying to get away but he insisted I look. This is when things became very strange. I looked and to my utter amazement just above our house was a pitch black triangular object. I released the other kid and we called everyone over. The object hung from the sky without movement, without sound. It had no visible lights and blended with the night sky almost perfectly however a few of us where carrying flash lights and used them to look at the object. The object almost seemed to absorb the light not completely but more than one would expect. It hung there for several minutes, no sound no movement. I got the idea to get my compound bow from the house and take a shot at the object. I quickly retrieved it and loaded an arrow. I pointed the bow at the object still no movement or sound. I began to draw my bow when the object turned away with a slight spin. This caused me to put the bow down. All the while a few other kids where still pointing flash lights at the object. It then start to move. To the north about 40 feet then stopped. It spun again towards the east. Then it shot like a bolt of light into the east sky.

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