Black Triangle Sighting in Radford, Virginia on January 30th 1991 – flew overead and sadow was seen o ground by moonligt

jan 91 working as a quality assurance person at the Radford army ammo plant in Radford ,my job was to collect samples and check quality of product being made .
just weeks befor there ad been a large layoff and the roll powder area I was checking only had 5 people working in the whole area ,of 20/30 buildings
it was three in the morning and I ad just made a quality check on the only building working in the area ,it was a way back to the office so I decided to walk. we were having a full moon so bright I was able to doo paperwork outside by moon light .
I stoped under a telephone pole to finish my paper work , and noticed a shodow starting over me ,a strange tingle in my body and I looked up and there was a large trangle moving over me whch I watched travel over the mt. and it took 15 min or so
this was moving so slow I couldn’t take my eyes off of it it looked black wth three domes ,one on each corner (non lit. at the back there was light shining around a crack around the back edge with 4 unlit cyrcles .
at the same time I could see stars through t (LIKE HAZE ON A HOT ROAD)BUT IT WAS SOLID
making no noise and moving so slow it should not flown .
this is a restricted air space over an ammunition plant ,I keept waiting on jets that watch the area ,but none came
because of ny job I was afraid to report this (my days of sampling rocket proplemt and nitro glissern would of been over im sure)
iv kept this story to myself till now but ever fer years I dream about it ove

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