UFO Sighting in Aurora, Colorado on March 19th 2014 – Witnessed an amber orb in the sky over Aurora, Colorado

I was driving home, a few miles from Buckley Air Force Base, and saw an orb high in the sky above some houses. I grabbed my camera and started to film it. It caught my eye because it didn’t seem to be moving, and it wasn’t sparkling like a star, so I knew it was something else… It hovered, then began to move, leaving a trail behind, although it was neither moving across the sky nor in any direction, but seemed, however, to be staying in one spot.

It was very exciting, and a bit nerve-wracking. Since I was only a few miles from Buckley Air Force Base, it made me suspect that it was a TR-3B. Unfortunately I turned to look at my phone and when I looked back the object was gone.

The video can be viewed here: [Link moved to FI section/cms/tg]

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