UFO Sighting in Lorton, Virginia on March 8th 2014 – 4 Floating Light Orbs On I-95

While my girlfriend and I were to traveling down I-95 in Virginia, i noticed 3 orange-red floating lights in the horizon heading south. One light was on the right side of the highway and the other 2 were on the left side of the highway. The lights were level but the third light was a little further left and down of the other light on the same side. I was not driving so my attention was fully on the lights. Air traffic is high in northern VA so people are accustomed to various flying objects. But these were not anything i could recognize. The characteristics of the lights were not normal, meaning they were not flashing or blinking methodically and they were larger than any star in the night sky. As i continue staring at the lights i notify my girlfriend to take a look. She thinks nothing of them except after a few seconds of looking we both see a fourth light appear out of no where on the left side where 2 of them were positioned. And it formed a rough triangle. The fourth light was of the same size and shape and color as the previous 3. At this point i was flabbergasted. My girlfriend couldn’t believe it. It’s been about 2 miles since i first noticed the lights, and we were getting closer. But soon the highway changed direction and trees blocked the view. After a a few minutes later the view became clear but the lights were already gone.

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