UFO Sighting in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco on December 31st 2012 – Lights over the bay in Puerto Vallarta at new years eve (Series of photos taken by professional photographer)

New years eve. I was setting my Nikon D90 at a condo in the 7th floor of a building right by the sea at Puerto Vallarta, to catch some good pictures of fireworks.

While getting my settings adjusted i notice that with every shot, i was getting some weird lights on my display screen, although nothing was visible at eye sight. As a photographer I knew it could be a number of different things, from dirt on the sensor, to reflecting lights through the lens, to a low shutter speed causing distortion of the light. I will explain in the following points the technical characteristics of the images I��ve attached to discard the possible explanations mention above.

– As shown in the series of pictures, the shot was taken from the same place at the same angle in a period of 1 hour 39 minutes. During that period the boats at the bay, the people and the chinese balloons show movement caused my a shutter speed of 5 sec at f7.1…meaning the shutter speed was open during 5 seconds, and during that time anything moving would register blurred in movement.. but not the 2 pairs of lights in the sky… meaning the lights were not moving at all during those 5 seconds. That fact alone discards the possibility of airplane, helicopter, random lights int the sky or anything moving.

– In the second photo, all the boats have moved but the 2 pairs of lights are in the exact same place 32 min after the first picture was taken, (this could mean dirt in the sensor or the lens, maybe light in the back of the camera filtering through the lens right?)

– Third picture.. 14 min after the last picture… both sets of lights have drastically change their position, but maintaining formation. This discards what was mention above. I believe this are 2 different objects hovering above the bay.

– Fourth picture … after new years fireworks, both sets of light change their position in the sky once again, yet like int he last picture they maintain their formation, also a fifth light appears.

The lights were only visible through the camera and only with very low shutter speeds. After the fireworks I took more pictures and the lights were gone.

My guess is as good as yours, I would love your input on the subject.

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