UFO Sighting in Weeki Wachee, Florida on August 23rd 2013 – no UFO sighted, being appeared in bedroom

i went outside one night working on a theory that UFO’s communicate by light. i have bracelets that light up, so i went out side at night with my bracelets turned on. i thought that night would be a good night to investigate because the air that night smelled almost metallic. after a while, i started to get a very uneasy feeling and went inside and went to bed. when i woke up, there was a very tall being in my bedroom. i couldn’t see a face, i think it may have been wearing some kind of helmet. despite its height it seemed frail, its arms were long, but skinny and its head was very large despite the rest of its body being slender. it used my mothers voice to speak, and it told me i had to come with it, and i asked it why. it simply reiterated the fact that i had to come with it, but this time its voice didn’t sound so much like my mothers, it had a robotic undertone to it. i asked it where we would have been going and it just said “i need you to come to my base with me” i still didn’t want to go, and was trying to find a reason to give it so i didn’t have to go, so i asked where its base was and it said “its not underground” so i told it i couldn’t go with it because it wasn’t underground. up until that point i wasn’t afraid of it, it was just like i was having a normal conversation, but the last time i said no it was like it suddenly got angry with me, like i had flipped a switch. i don’t remember anything else for a while. then i was back in my bedroom and i was sick, i was dry heaving, i had a headache, my voice was incredibly sore and i kept coughing. i checked my phone and it was about 2:30 when i went to bed at 12 midnight. the things i remember most about the entity was that it was tall enough to have to stoop inside my room. it appeared to be wearing white clothing, almost like a robe but not quite. there seemed to be a kind of glow coming from behind it,like a white light. i was 16 when it happened and now i’m 17. its taken me a long time to get the courage to submit my story.

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