not sure if this is the place, but I had something happen to me 6 years ago,

I saw a UFO a long time ago.
Then a lot of time went by & then I thought of the UFO again.
I had forgotten for along time, but then I recalled the UFO I had seen twice.
Then I started acting really weird.
Like I could not handle my self,
Like I was a robot,
Then I started having problem’s sleeping.
Then when I was at my lowest, then I saw 2 black cars
I got fear in my head & walked home, looking behind me,
Then I woke up the next day,
& I walked to the front door & I had a buzzing in my right ear I recall,
Then when I was 3 feet from door, then I passed out because of the pain,
I recall that I was yelling at the top of my lungs, & then woke up on the floor, with no ringing at all.
& my brother had a fun night so he was out like a light, & I asked him & he said no, I heard nothing…
So then I figured nothing of it, for some time.
But I can tell you for sure that if they did tag me, then my front door lock was a joke, it would of been easy,
Now after reading some things & found some info on Implants that can control sleep,
So then I think maybe they might of tagged me with this implant,
My Sleep does not feel like my own…any more…

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