UFO Sighting in Eustace, Texas on April 1st 2014 – So i finally decided to report everything after tonight. thats bc the last four nights ive been seeing these intelligent ufos flying above or around my house.

The first night was 03/28/14 and I was outside on the porch after letting the dog outside and I saw a starlike but a orb of light that was literally going up down to the right a little then stopping and then started moving to the left again it was unbelievable to watch it in realtime. So after letting the dog inside I stayed outside to watch it for a total hour until my neck started to cramp and I went inside.

The next night 03/29/14 I’m watching Tv and its next to a window. And during commercials I would just randomly take a peak out just maybe I’m thinking I can find it again but this time its two of them and they are both making those same movements from the night before. I watched them just dance over my house in the sky. But by this time I’m just telling myself this is as close as I wanna get. And I’m starting to try to send that vibe out there with my mind. And just like that there gone.

Next night 03/30/14 I find the same thing around 10pm but this time there closer and I can see its not giving off a light but more of just a solid shpere and it stops and I’m thinking to myself I wonder if it will go right if I think to say it in my head and sure enough it makes a right and stops again I wait to see if it would move on its own and it didnt so then I said go left and thennthis object did just that. I was really kind of scaring Myself alittle so I decided after probably another hour or so watching it move all directions that I should try to tell it just to leave me alone and and fly away. I look away for maybe 7 min or so and its gone like that.

So tonight 03/31/14 I got home late around midnight and open my curtains to find a huge group of lights out the same window but this is when I decided its really time to share. Because they all moved, mirroring eachother…but then with my hand. I feel like its a show they put it on for me. With my room lights off and tv on. but I don’t know what to do or how to stop thinking about it in a weird way. But the next 30 min passed and they were gone like that, out of my view.


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