Theories about aliens that make sense!

Warning, this is gong to be a long one.

First, I’m new to this site, this is my first post. I have a lot to say, mainly about aliens and some of the theories that have been made up by so called experts.

I am not an expert, but I can use logic and deduction to explain things.

There are so many theories about aliens, abduction, experimentation, hybrids and cloning going around and most of them are completely wrong.

In this post, I intend to explain why they are wrong.

I would like to point out, right from the beginning, that I believe aliens exist, and that they have known about us for a very long time. I also believe that they have come here and that they have abducted people.

I am not a sceptic, I just can’t abide silly theories that make no sense.

So, lets start.

To start this off, I have to give you a brief history lesson about the universe.

The universe is about 14 billion years old. Our sun, is only round 4 billion years old. There are stars out there that are 8 billion years old that have planets orbiting them. We have proof of this. There is a star named Kepler 11 that is 8 billion years old that has 6 planets orbiting it.

What does this have to do with aliens? A lot!

I intend to show you that aliens are far older and far more advanced than most of us think or realise.

Lets look at how life on this planet evolved.

First there were all those little things in the water that grew into the other things that came out onto the land. This took a while. Then came the dinosaurs. For millions of years, the dinosaurs were the dominant life on this world, until a very large rock hit it and wiped them out. But what would have happened if that rock had missed?

I’ll tell you what would have happened, nothing! Nothing would have happened and the dinosaurs would have just kept on evolving.

If that rock hadn’t hit the planet, 65 million year ago, we wouldn’t be here, and mammals would still be a small sub species in the same way that lizards are today.

Ok, so where the hell am I going with this? Well, to fully explain what I believe to be the truth, I have to go into some other things first so that you will understand where I’m coming from.

So, now onto the aliens.

What do we know?

We know that there is, more than likely, one species who we call Greys. These guys are kind of short, compared to us. They have thin arms, legs and necks and bloated bodies with big heads. They are grey in colour and have, what appears to be, large black, almond shaped eyes.

But is this what they actually look like?

Well, no!

This is not what they look like. We don’t actually know what they look like because we’ve never seen one out of it’s suit. Yes, I said suit.

What is the first thing you would never do if you went to a new planet? Answer, take off all your clothes and start running around interacting with all of the native flora and fauna.


Because, not only would you contaminate the environment with all of the bugs, germs and micro organisms that you carry on and in your body, but you would also probably pick up something that you have no immunity too and die shortly after.

This has happened on our own planet. Think of all the native South American tribes that were wiped out when the conquistadors went to South America. They weren’t killed with violence, well, not at first. They were killed from diseases that the conquistadors carried, that they had no immunity too. Simple things that didn’t affect us over here, but were deadly to them.

So, the Grey’s wear suits. Suits so advanced that some of us think they are there skin. Now, the eyes. If you were from a primitive tribe that had no knowledge of the outside world and you saw someone wearing a motorbike helmet with a tinted visor, you might think that you were looking at some creature with one, really big black eye.

Lets just ask this question. Do you think the storm troopers from Star Wars have large black funny shaped eyes?

No, you don’t do you, because you know that they are wearing helmets. Well guess what, so are our friends from another planet.

So, why are they so short, and what’s with the skinny arms and legs?

Well, we know from examples on our own planet, that creatures evolve to suit their surroundings. For example, if there is a lot of land, they will grow bigger. If the land area is small, then they will grow smaller.

Logic would then dictate, that the Grey come from a smaller planet than ours that has less gravity. Hence the small stature and thin arms, legs and necks. Smaller planet, lower gravity. Less need for thicker, stronger bones and bigger muscles. Simple really.

This would also back up the suit theory. If you come from a smaller planet than ours, the atmosphere is gong to be composed differently. You would obviously need some kind of protection.

Ok, moving on.

Lets go back to the things I talked about at the beginning. You know, the dinosaurs and the older planets.

If life had remained uninterrupted and had not come to an almost complete, abrupt end, the dinosaurs would have continued to evolve until one or more of them would have ended up looking similar to us.

But, they had millions of years head start on us. We only stared to evolve 65 million years ago. The dinosaurs had been around for millions of year prior to that. That means that if we assume that the dinosaurs evolution were similar to our own, then they would have reached where we are now approximately 25 million years ago.

If we add some more time for the odd hiccup here and there, and take off another ten million years, that still means they would have been where we are now, 15 million years ago.

So what!

Well think about it. If life on other planets started at the same time as it did here, but was not interrupted by an almost complete mass extinction event, then these guys who we call Greys, could be anything from 15 million years older than us, to billions of years older than us.

This would account for them not speaking and using telepathy to communicate with. This would also account for there skinny necks. No vocal cords to make sound with.

Now I am a Buddhist and as part of my learning about Buddhism, I was told by a Buddhist monk, that when the Buddha reached his enlightenment, during his seven days and nights of continuous meditation, he made telepathic communication with celestial beings from another realm, who he referred to as looking like hungry ghosts.

His description of these beings went like this. They were short with very pale skin. They had thin arms, legs and necks, with bloated bodies and large heads with sunken eyes. They had small slits for mouths.

Now, it’s a well know fact amongst Buddhists that while the rest of the world, two and a half thousand years ago, though that this planet was a flat disc that you could fall off of and that it was at the centre of the universe, The Buddha new about stars, planets, this solar system, other solar systems and even galaxies. He called them wheel systems.

It’s also known, that these, so called hungry ghosts, gave the Buddha knowledge about things he did not know about. He even knew about dark energy and what it is.

Ok, so back to aliens again.

Why would they come here. Why would they abduct us and what horrible thing do they have planned for us.

Ok, so if these guys are millions, if not billions of years more advanced than us, why would they come here and do things to us. Well, look at it from a scientific point of view. We are like chimpanzees to them, only we are dangerous chimpanzees, because we have nuclear weapons.

What do we do when we find an interesting species on this planet? We go to where they live, we trap them, we anesthetise them and we take samples from them. We also tag them so we can see how they interact and we observe them from a distance so as not to disturb their natural pattern of behaviour.

What we don’t do, is clone them, use them for horrible experiments, or try to make weird hybrids from them.

So why on earth would we think that people from another planet, who are millions, if not billions of years more advanced than us want our faulty human DNA to make clones or hybrids from. That’s not just silly, that’s down right stupid.

Ok, back to the dinosaurs.

If life started out on this planet in a specific way, then there is a high probability that it started out on other Earth like planets in a similar way. But if those planets didn’t suffer from a mass extinction event like this planet did, then that would mean that most of the intelligent life out there has evolved from dinosaur type creatures and NOT mammals. That would mean that intelligent life like us, I.E. mammalian based, maybe quite rare.

So, if you are used to life being one way and you come across intelligent life that is completely different, wouldn’t you want to go and check it out to find how it ticks?

So why haven’t they announced themselves to the whole world? Well, why would they? We are chimpanzees with nuclear weapons, would you? I mean look at us. Chuck your ego out the window for a minute and really look at us.

We hate and kill each other for the stupidest reasons. Colour, religion, land, oil, power, because we have, because we don’t have.

We still believe in stupid made up gods that our parents told us about. Even so called religious people who are supposed to know better, hate other people for not being their religion.
Why the hell do we think anyone would want to come here and announce to the world, “Hey, look at us, we’re from another planet, and guess what, there are other people just like us all over the galaxy too.”

Half the world would probably die of a heart attack, while the other half would try to kill them.

There are two tribes on this planet that have never had any contact with the outside world. One lives in a jungle, the other lives on an isolated island.

No aircraft or boats are allowed to go within one mile of their territories. They are kept isolated so that we can observe them without interrupting their natural development. Kind of like the prime directive from Star Trek.

When a photographer was given permission to take photos of one of these tribes, he had to do it from the air and he had to use a very powerful telephoto lens, because the plane he was on could not fly closer than one mile away.

Even at that distance, the tribes people reacted by pointing their spears and bows and arrows at the plane, not knowing what it was.

What happens when we see a UFO?

The air force sends up it’s planes and we point our spears and bows and arrows at them. Our spears and bows and arrows just have jet engines.

We still act in exactly the same way as these two tribes, who are thousands of years behind us. We act out of fear and ignorance. Because, if we don’t know what it is, it must be bad.

These guys, the Grey, that is, are just scientists like the ones we have. They are curious about us. So they do the same things we do when we find an interesting species. It doesn’t mean they want to invade us. It doesn’t mean that they need our DNA for some horrible reason. It doesn’t mean they want to clone us or make bizarre hybrids of us.

These guys gave valuable information to the Buddha. They told him to pass it on. Do you really think they would do something like that if they meant us any harm?

I know, lets give the North Koreans really important information that they don’t know about, to help them, so that we can go and kill them, that’s a good idea.

When does anything like that ever happen?

It doesn’t!

So relax. If they wanted to invade us or cause us any harm, they could have done that thousands of years ago. They didn’t, which probably means that they’re not going too. They are waiting for us to mature. To stop hating and killing each other. Then, maybe if we’re lucky, they’ll introduce themselves.

Ok, I’m done here. I told you it was gong to be a long one. Hope I did not bore you too much.

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