UFO Sighting in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on April 1st 2014 – A bright glowing light that was stationary for thirty mintutes but vertical and extended and contracted.

It was eleven at night I was standing at window. Looking toward the south west like always to smoke a cigarette. I noticed this extremely bright object which isn’t uncommon due to LVI airport near by. What really caught my attention was it looked like it was stretching long than contracting to a percentage of its size and not moving for a half hour. A passenger jet which looked to be on route to land then swerved around at same time a much smaller faster jet looped around the object then the sky was clear except the object. I was trying to wake up my girlfriend she eventually stood up but can’t see well at night. Tried to take pictures but my droid camera isn’t that good. I lost sight around11:30 I sat down with my girlfriend then stood back up to see if it’s still there which it wasn’t. I’m sure this could be verified by the radar records at airport. I’m not crazy on drugs and only had a drink which doesn’t cause a half hour hallucination.

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