UFO Sighting in Hurley, New York on April 1st 2014 – I observed a starlike white light blinking 3 times about 15 seconds apart when I went out my front door to have a cigarette.

I went out my front door to have a cigarette just after 4 am. I always look up at the night sky to look at the stars if its a clear night.I was facing north looking almost straight up when I noticed a white light, the brightness and size of a bright star appear and then disappear in about a second. I thought it might be a plane. About 15 seconds later it did it again in the same spot. It then dawned on me that this probably wasn’t an aircraft because there was no red light and a lot of time had passed between blinks. I continued staring at the same spot and about 15 seconds later and just to the left of the original position, it appeared and blinked again. I observed for about another 3 minutes but nothing else occurred. It wasn’t anything spectacular but I wondered if anyone else reported anything that evening so I decided to contact you.

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