UFO Sighting in Lakeside, California on April 2nd 2014 – Saw a bright blue light moving South then North at high speed. It moved around at high speed then went East over the horizon.

My friend and I saw a bright blue light moving fast to the south then changed direction and went North without stopping or turning. It then dated around in random directions finally going east till it went out of sight over a hill. It then came back West into view again and moved around and discharged what appeared like plasma. Then it flew east and vanished over the horizon again. It was moving at incredibly high speed and made changes in direction that no plane or chopper could. And the bright blue was led like. Extremely bright. The flight path for planes heading to Lindberg Field (San Diego international airport) is south of the area the object was over so we know it wasn’t a jet as we see them all the time.

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