UFO Sighting in Newark, New Jersey on April 1st 2014 – boomerang shaped craft massive invisible only seen when passed by stars.

i was at a friend house in newark n.j with seven friends in front of 7173 montclair avenue in newark n.j and i was looking at these 3 stars when a boomerang shape craft passed over one star and covered it and thats when i noticed it.the craft looked almost invisible with some kind of smoke emiting passed over us.after that we started seeing orbs of lights flying past planes very close with no blinking lights like a plane has observed the lights going in different directions.afters seeing the lights about half hour later.boomerang shape craft was seen again over a building again invisible with smoke emiting passing over 810 broadway newark new jersey.i swear what i seen is true and i have 5 witnesess.very nervous not knowing whats in our airspace.

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