Is there anything good?

I have scoured the internet and watched programs that show UFO’s. alien abductions and all other manner of things that ALL seem to be NEGATIVE. Is there anything good about the aliens that have been interacting with the present world? If there is, I can’t find it! I would love to know if there is a positive agenda to why these aliens are here. All I see is abductions, experiments on humans and many other things that are not in anyway there to assist in being apart of our world. If they wanted to be here assisting humanity, they would have done it by now. But, as they have not then my gut feeling is that they have a very malicious agenda. All I know is that the world is mostly blind to them even though the evidence of there presence has been exposed so many times and yet many deny there existence. So when they do appear and start causing mayhem its going to be quite an eye opener for them.

So if any have got a positive story I would love to hear it, instead of all the doom and gloom :irked::

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