What do we know about reality?

What do we know about reality?

This is really fitting in this context: “‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” Morpheus, The Matrix.

Reality can only be known through direct observations and experiments, but for many people the “reality” that they know have been “learned” through school, books, movies, online, etc. They really do not have a “direct” knowledge of that “reality” that they pretend to know.

Scientific discoveries are done every day, but usually they are only published in very restricted journals and only read by specialists, that is one of the reason that some scientific discoveries are done independently by different people sometimes with years of difference, even in the scientific world there is a great level of “disconnection”.

Now taken away the fact that some of these scientific discoveries that took great effort to get are being done redundantly and some maybe lost due to that “disconnection”, it will take years for that new knowledge to percolate down to the schools textbooks, and usually these books are written not by the researchers themselves but for third party people, so that new knowledge can get “distorted” or “sugar sweetened” before it actually gets into the textbooks and that is what we “learn” from reality, there is almost a total “buffer” between reality and what we know about that reality.

If that level of disconnection exist in the “scientific world” imagine now this area where all these new observations are being done. Only a very handful of people are really “aware” partially of these anomalies, people like: Gabriella Decal, Cristian Soldano, Antonio Urzy, budgetmoon, cotus99, infamousfanclub, Jonathan Castro, Ronald D, theInterzone, etc.. Each one have their very own set of ideas, in a lot of cases completely disconnected from the others, using very limited resources and in a lot of cases under a lot of direct and indirect “attacks” by “righteous” debunkers. If these studies are not expanded and systematized, they will be lost and repeated over and over by other people, as have been the case already.

These observations done by these people clearly show that the “reality” presented in the books is not 100% accurate and only direct observations can actually provide you with the certainty of that reality. It is up to you to know that reality.

People talk a lot about some “Government cover-up”, but nobody is stopping you from observing the sky visually or using your own instruments, so the actual “cover-up” is in people’s minds, nothing more nothing less.

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