UFO Sighting in Aumsville, Oregon on April 2nd 2014 – went outside for a smoke, saw a firery object traveling across the sky, getting smaller, stopped briefly then changed direction, (up) and disappeared

On April 2nd, 2014 at approx 2300 hrs I walked outside my backdoor, into my back yard for a cigarette. A bright slow moving object that looked like it was on fire, (orange and yellow flames) caught my attention. It was around 45% up and moving from the NW to W. I yelled for my wife to grab her cell phone and come out. She tried to record it however,even though it appeared on her screen while shooting it, in replay.. nothing. I held my hand up at arms length and the object was slightly larger than my fist.
It seemed to get smaller as it was moving across the sky then abruptly stopped. It stayed stationary for approx 1-2 minutes then rapidly ascended and disappeared into cloud cover.
Initially, I thought it might be a comet however, it moved to slow and then changed directions.
I observed what looked like flames, (orange yellow fingers jumping from the mass.
My wife and I both agreed that it was NOT a comet, plane,helo or anything else we have ever seen.

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