UFO Sighting in Hawthorne, New Jersey on March 27th 2014 – object seen by 20 U.S. ARMY personnel while on porch

we were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and all of the people that were there are all military personnel from the ranks of sgt to general after we finished dinner and talking for a while most of the people went out side for a smoke and we all spotted the object moving from the east to the west in a straight line after that it broke its flight path and moved to the 1 o clock postion very rapidly and we all saw the movement i called the nearest air force base here in nj which is MCGUIRE AIR FORCE BASE TO SEE if they had any thing on radar i spoke to the duty commander and then the wing commander and they said they had nothing airborne at the time we then called the local airport near us and asked them if they had any unknown radar traffic and they said they had a fast unknown bogey and lost it after that we called caldwell airport in caldwell nj and asked them if they had a radar blip on the unknown the person i spoke to said they had a large bogey and then it disappeared off the screen the object was about 3-4 times the size of a aircraft carrier it was huge it made a regular plane look like a tonka toy then the object moved very fast from the line to the other postion as i said before as a 1SG and all of the other people there saw it the general told me to call the afb and ask so i was under orders to make the call as of that time my wife and i had a visit from 2 air force officers and we were told not to say any thing if i wanted to ever get promoted again then last night about 6pm 2 men came to our home dressed in black suits and tried to force me in there own way that we never saw anything and if i wanted my family and i to stay safe ive been in the ARMY for 35 years and getting ready to retire i told them that they could not intimidate me in no way and that i would speak out about this incident i was then told to be careful.

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