UFO Sighting in Leakesville, Mississippi on February 1st 1999 – Time Lapse event at night when I was a child, witnessed UFO through the window, parents were sleeping, then I don't remember anything else.

So, I didn’t actually remember this event until I was around 20 years old. I’m 26 now. I was having a discussion with my friends about UFOs, and I all I could remember about any UFOs was some pretty uneventful UFO stuff. Nothing really all that interesting.

But then..later on that night, when I was meditating, all of a sudden I kept having these weird broken memories of events. Eventually after a few days of continouslly thinking about it, I was able to remember most of it…sort of.

So it was some time in Winter, since this is Mississppi it doesn’t really get that cold until Janurary, so I figured some time in Janurary or February. I know I was around 10 or 11 years old. So maybe some time in 1999 or 2000. My parents had a mattress on the living room floor, because we didn’t have but one heater so everyone slept in the living room to keep warm. I was on the couch, and they were on the mattress, and we were watching some Thriller movie on an old VCR. Then somehow, the movie was off. The TV was doing that kind of staticy thing like the VCR had turned off. But for some reason I didn’t really think too much of it? I also noticed that my parents were asleep, which is what I thought was weird, because they were just awake and were watching the movie. I figured maybe I had fallen asleep, which is possible that I may have, to this day I don’t know if that’s what happened. But I know I wasn’t dreaming at this point. Then I heard this really loud humming noise, kind of like a refridgerator running, except about 10 times louder. The vibrations were enough that I remember I could slightly feel them in the floor.

From this point, I don’t really remember how I got up to go look out the window, which is right across from the couch I was laying on. Since the memory is so distant, I kind of want to say that I may have saw a search light type beam on the road outside the house, but I’m not sure. But I do know what I saw next. I looked up, above the tree which is right outside the window, and I saw a bunch of square-shaped colored lights, in a boomerang shape, above the tree. I think red was the first color I saw on the boomerang wing. The next colors I’m not quite sure it what order, but I remember white, red, blue, green, maybe orange. They were glowing very brightly, kind of like neon. It was so large, that I could only see half the boomerang, the other half was out of sight. It was slowly hovering in a kind of diagonal path coming from I THINK the Northwest, regardless it was upperleft from my position, and it seemed to be going across the house.

After this…I don’t know what happened. I remember nothing after this point. Hell I didn’t even remember this at all until probably 10 years later. I remember everything in so much detail that this wasn’t a dream. Besides, I’ve had much weirder dreams than something like this.

Since I really don’t know what happened, and because of the weird circumstances, I’m kind of afraid I was abducted. I’ve told quite a few people this story, but only really close friends have I mentioned the abduction part, because I don’t want anyone to think I’m crazy. To be honest, with all the damn alien movies these days, the prospect of being abducted scares the hell out of me, so, if I was, at least I’m glad I don’t remember.

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