UFO Sighting in Seattle, Washington on April 4th 2014 – Orange pulsing fireball coming toward us changes then disappears

My partner and I were out on the front porch for a smoke when we spotted an orange glow through the trees. My first thought was that an airplane was on fire! On closer observation, I said, “Um, that’s not an airplane!” and reached in the door for my binoculars. This object was coming toward us. Through the binoculars it looked like a slowly pulsating orange fireball. There were no blinking lights as would be seen on other aircraft. The size of the object was larger than the landing light or lights seen on airliners.
Of late, commercial airline traffic circles from the Southeast, turns west and then South, with the completed circling all to our East. most of the airliners going over have their landing lights on for their final approach. The object was near, but not in the flight path previously described. It was farther north. As my partner and I both watched, the object turned east. The fireball reduced in size by 50%, but not in brightness. Suddenly, it changed to a blue star like appearance and picked up speed, heading east. Over a few seconds this bluish light faded and appeared to go out. It was too close to have faded because of atmosphere. I feel it deliberately faded from sight.

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