UFO Sighting in Tamarac, Florida on April 4th 2014 – stationary pulsating lights,close enough to take a photo with my cell phone.

On Thursday 4/4/2014 I come out of the house at 6:am and walked to the north side of the house to walk my two dogs,meanwhile I take a look at the sky when I see this only light to the east,it caught my attention because it was emitting very very bright pulsating lights and even thou it was stationary I knew it was no star by any means,looking at it I could see only two colors red and white then I took my two dogs inside the house and came right out again with my car keys in hand looked up and lights still there,took my binoculars out of my car’s trunk and with them I could see 5 distinctive color lights red,white,green,yellow and blue and that’s when I got my cell phone and was able to capture a picture of it but it only came out white and rest of the colors did not.In the photo I can see a very bright object with a tail that shows to be less brighter than the object,After taking the photo I came inside the house to make coffee when on stove I came out again and the lights were gone,I looked at my watch and it was 6:22am,I would say what ever this thing was it stayed at same place for at list over 25 min.Now I have a feeling of this lights appearing again and my reaction when ever I come out of the house is to look up and see if is there.All I have said here is the truth to best best of my knowledge and have the picture to prove it.

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