What I Saw Was Undoubtedly ‘not’ Of This World

September 2011, I saw something, very odd. At this point I want to make it clear that I had been in the Navy a few years and seen, first-hand the capabilities of our aircraft and foreign, the way they look when they fly through the sky at coasting and attack speeds.

Just to explain, next to my training to use the equipment and systems of a Royal Navy warship, I held the rank of an Able Rating Class 1, Warfare Specialist, I held the marksman badge and was top academic student in phase 2 training. I was the deputy class leader in phase 1 and I trained every day to be the best in what I did. As well as numerous side courses including one Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Disaster clean up team. Nothing special, this is just to give you the idea that I had a fair amount of knowledge in an array of stuff, which the tax payer paid for, which is completely useless in day to day civilian life… seriously.

We training every Thursday in the armed forces they have what they so secretively call, ‘Thursday Wars’. During these ‘wars’ a vast number of aircraft, ships, boats, submarines and what we call ‘paper assets’ which do not really exist, but we simulate them in terms of their presence and weaponry, capability’s and behaviors, that sort of thing, to have a pretend war, where people attack and defend and move strategically through the areas. All the stops are pulled out and we are in full war mode as the ship and its crew prepares for war. All the fire retardant suits, masks, gloves and body armour are thrown together, the radio frequencies are determined for friendly air craft and ‘ship to ship’, command lines. With pretend impact of weapons on the ships and “BRACE, BRACE, BRACE’ are called out over the tannoys, and shooting downs of air craft and ships sunk. We have Operation Room briefs for all the upper deck gunners, war room officials, commanders and those with Ops Room clearance, like myself. Here is where you understand the point of why you joined in the first place.
blam blam.jpg
So every Thursday we would see air craft, and given the chance on a good day, I would point my 20mm Gambo ‘cannon’ at them and fire blanks at them. FUN!

So every Thursday I would be either on the ‘plot’ sitting at the screen watching radar, where I could get a detailed view of the craft that was passing over and around us, speeds, course and height. Or I’d be doing the ‘Blam-Blam’ thing and getting eye to eye contact with the dare devil maverick that would fly less than 20 feet above the forecastle (foaxle, front of the ship) and give us the finger…. Good times.

And so every Thursday, I would get first hand knowledge of what and how traditional aircraft fly.
Back in September 2011, what I saw was undoubtedly ‘not’ an aircraft of this world. Not by a long shot.
I was on my way to my mate’s house, I was home on leave, and I think it was a Saturday night so it could have been the 3rd, 10th, 17th or 24th of September 2011, when I turned onto the A166 that links the coastal city Bridlington to the West of York heading towards York. When I noticed two, very large distinguishable lights hovering in the sky above the hills that I had just drove from. I say hovering, because I was watching them for quite a while and they did not look to be moving at all.
Sighting 1.jpg
The first thing that I thought of was, and I said this out loud, “Bloody hell, there flying close to be aircraft!”
“Why are they so bright?” Then the obvious started to happen in my head, what they are, what could they be … After around 8 to 10 seconds of keen observation I had just about decided that they were not what I had first thought, Jets. Then, out of no ware, they started moving, quite quickly.
Sighting 2.jpg
I was amazed, stationary to moving at a speed I had never seen before, now I really was completely baffled, I slowed down to just under forty MPH to stay safe, then this happened…
Sighting 3.jpg
In almost a second, the first one on the left, just bolted! It bolted at a speed I had never seen in my life, way in excess of Mach 5 or even 6 or 7!
“WHAT THE F***?!! What the hell of f*** is that f***ing thing?!” Then the other chased after it at the same pace!

“Jesus F***ing Christ!!!” I shouted, I booted it, I flatted my 2.0 BMW pedal to the floor and rocketed after them, after a few seconds, id barely got over 60, they disappeared over the horizon line, blocked by trees adjacent to the car, I panicked with over excitement of what I had just seen, fag in mouth and phone to the ear, I rang my mother, then I rang my mate to tell them what I had just seen!

Now I know, even to this day, I can see them in my head, that the way they moved where solid, I mean that the way they moved they were objects, not a light or a bloody bit of rock from space, they accelerated in such a way they were some sort of craft, blasting around above a small village in East Yorkshire in the post code of YO42. What the hell had I just seen, and had anyone else seen it?

Over the following months and years, I had looked into a lot of things. I first came across a gent who specifically did research into unidentified objects that had been seen flying in and around, the Garrowby area, post code, YO42.
Wow, what a guy he was, he had found and had video evidence of a number of reports that had spanned quite a few years of these objects, in and around the area, involving tens if not hundreds of reports from locals and himself, of these things flying around in day and night.

I emailed him in regards to what I had seen, and do you know, he posted it on his website, nice that I thought, someone ruddy believes me, what I had seen. But then I wasn’t happy. I wanted to know more about what I had seen. For god sake I had witnessed something that not a lot of people had seen or even believed in, I was now part of a minority of people. Or so I thought.

The facts and evidence I have found about this subject is truly, overwhelming. The more I look, the more I find, the doors it opens to new ideas and a ‘true’ way of thinking. There is a reason we all hate each other you know, and there is a reason that now one believes these people that ‘claim’ to have seen things in the night sky.

POV 1.jpg

This was taken of the location from Google maps of where the sighting took place. Any information regarding these type of sightings is very welcomed, especially any that have been seen in this area, however unlikely that may be.

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