Comment on Chariots of the Gods – (FULL) – Erich von Daniken by Zugla Xeno

There is no doubt in my mind there were more advanced civilisations in our
past that created many unexplained artefact and structures across the
world. A big global disaster took place on earth whether that is a flood,
earthquake or meteor impact or perhaps even all at once, some civilisations
would have known about the coming of this global disaster and in
preparation kept the most valuable knowledge and species DNA safely intact.
But what happens when an advanced civilisation becomes inter galactic and
comes back to a ruined earth after hundreds or even thousands of years?
Well surviving man would have been thrown back into the stone ages whiles
his inter galactic brother would be considered a “god” for their superior
technology. So the big question here still remains a mystery and that is
even if we where visited by so called extra terrestrials and most likely
just our inter galactic brothers WHO where their creators ?

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