Fort Riley 1964 UFO crash

3D Rendering


On 10th December 1964, at Fort Riley army base, Kansas, a guard was on duty in the motor pool. He and 3 other men were ordered by a senior officer to make there way to a remote corner of the base.

When they arrived they noticed a large military chopper shining a large search light on a strange object which was resting on the ground. The object was already surrounded by several other military types.

The guard was then given ‘shoot to kill’ orders to stop any civilians who tried to get near it. He was also warned not to tell anyone about the incident.

He described the object as like a giant hamburger, 12m by 5m, with a dark line along its rim and a small tail-fin stabiliser. He also observed that the air near the craft was very warm despite being a bitterly cold night.

Some time later UFO researchers managed to obtain some collaboraty evidence. Another guard reported that on the morning following the alleged incident, he witnessed a large flatbed truck with a roundish object covered with canvas sheets being driven out under high security from the base.

Other sources mention the recovery of 9 aliens bodies on this occasion.

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Here’s digital graphic of a saucer from a UFO illustration. Often times people report rotating lights around the perimeter of the saucer. Does this act like a gyroscope giving the alien saucer stability? Who knows… maybe more complex than that.

You can see a dark ring around this saucer photo. It fits the description somewhat of the Fort Riley witness.

July 3, 1967. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Note: The Fort Riley UFO looks similar to the 1961 Eagle River Close Encounter saucer. Both from the 1960s.

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