UFO Sighting in Columbia, Missouri on May 3rd 2013 – Optical phenomenon followed by the sighting of a disk, at eye level, outside the window. The disk flashed square lights in a pattern then accelerated away rapidly.

I was inside at 1:30 in the morning, sitting on the couch with the lights on. Out of nowhere, what I can only describe as a beautiful, green, snowflake like, spinning geometric image was “beamed” into my visual frame of reference. It was like a wheel that slowly turned and sparkled. It started moving towards the window. Naturally, I watched it. As soon as it got to the window, it disappeared. Outside the window were 2 solid white lights. It should be noted that out this window there is a small yard, a place to park, a road, and then a big tree with another house right behind it. You can���t see the sky. The lights were on either side of an object that had rounded edges and a mostly flat bottom but the top was hard to see because there was a fuzzy fog around the upper half and edges. The overall shape was difficult to outline due to it being dark outside and illuminated from the inside of my house, but I would say it was a disk with a flat bottom and rounded top. The object was 5 to 30 feet from the window and 8 to 12 feet off the ground at eye level sitting down inside. I estimate the size to be either 10ft across and 2 foot thick or 30ft across and 5 foot thick. I can only judge its size because there is a tree across the street that takes up the whole window and I compared the width and height to objects in front of the house that I can measure at different relative distances to the vantage point. Plus there were obstacles in the way that helped narrow estimates further. As soon as I was looking at the object, it flashed a pattern of square shaped, hazy, yellow-orange lights along the outside edge. They were very close but not that bright. More like a plasma glow than a flashlight. You could see the individual lines of light, like you see in a laser, almost flowing or cascading down over the edge from top to bottom. The white lights on either side stayed on while the orange lights flashed or quickly pulsed. Imagine the orange lights were numbered (1,2,3,4,5) going from left to right. The pattern was 1,3,5,3,1,1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1. It was at a speed of a little less than 2 flashes per second. Right after that it shot off to the right with instant acceleration. 1 second after it was out of sight, it faded in like turning up a dimmer switch to the exact spot where it was before it sped away. After a 3 second pause, all of the lights turned on making it glow orange all around and then it quickly dimmed out until it was gone. The whole experience lasted about 30 seconds and produced no noise.

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