Black Triangle Sighting in Wellington, Florida on April 5th 2014 – Saw a bright fluorescent triangular object go across the sky, hover then took off in different direction

Riding in moms car to my brothers house for dinner when I thought I spotted a shooting star until I realized it was much too large to be a star. I shouted, “what’s that!” We both saw this object but she was driving so I had the ability to watch it the whole time.
The bright fluoresce-lighted triangular shaped object flew across the sky, stopped and hovered then took off in another direction and disappeared. It was as high as a helicopter would be but without any sound, wings or propellers. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. My heart skipped a beat and i totally freaked out. Unfortunately it happened way to fast to get a picture. I was fumbling for my phone but it was gone by the time I got it.
Just crazy and amazing!

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