UFO Sighting in New Castle, Indiana on April 6th 2014 – Son was riding bike.. saw this thing. Drew picture of it twice.. identical.

Son was riding bike out front of our house… saw this disk shaped domed silent metallic object come in low from the west, descending, and stop (Hovering) about 10 feet off the ground in a grassy field across the road For about 5 or 6 seconds, then continue on it’s path to the east. Total sight time was about 10 seconds. This sighting was totally out of the blue, unprovoked, and my Son is not given to making up stories.. he’s a very smart little boy. Drew picture of the same thing twice.. identical. I believe him. Disk shaped object about 12 feet in diameter.. metallic, reflective.. had a single row of lights around the perimeter.. they were lit..all white light. They blinked sequentially. It was making no noise. There were power lines in the background, but, they were parallel to the path and were not obstructive. He was frightened by it. It was sudden and he has never seen anything like that before in person. Came in slow and accelerated insanely fast. He could hear no wind coming off it.. From the description, it sounds like nothing I can pin to any known aircraft. drones dont even move that quick. Sky is overcast today. This happened about 2 hours ago.

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