What is a debunker?

This has probably come up before (I seem to remember a thread about ‘skeptics’ a year or two ago), but after seeing this word label ‘debunker’ used a zillion times in recent weeks I’d really like to know what it means.

Here’s a few supplementary questions:

1. Is a debunker someone who always disagrees with any claim or piece of evidence?

2. Is it possible for someone to debunk some claims or evidence but not try to debunk others? If so, does that actually make them a debunker?

3. If someone does not believe in something, does that make them a debunker?

4. If someone believes in the possibility of ETs or ETVs or EBEs, but provides an argument against a particular claim or piece of evidence, does that make them a debunker?

5. Or is it that a debunker is someone who doesn’t believe in anything ET-related and belongs to a Forum such as this just because they have nothing better to do?

6. Is there an equivalent term for someone who believes the claim or evidence is always right?

7. Lastly (although I think I know the answer to this), is there a difference between a ‘debunker’ and a ‘skeptic’?

I think it’s important to differentiate between people who debunk for the hell of it and those who have genuine reasons for disagreeing with something . . . . . . because for me, there’s nothing wrong in exposing or discrediting claims if that person believes there are grounds to do so.

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