otherwordly humans?

lets just say -for the sake of discussion

– a “lost tribe” of humanity was taken from earth in antiquity. it doesn’t matter who or which lost tribe it was or even when– sometime in the last few thousand years is fine.

and this lost tribe was taken in by a hospitable alien intelligence and groomed to return to earth after gaining technology and knowledge of this intelligent being/race or ET beings.

so lets say their not crazy more advanced– maybe 400 or 500 years.

this tribe of ET-humans returns to earth 1,000 or so years after they left –due to the time problems they have only been away in their time around 500 years.

and their back in force they have a population of say about 25,000,000 and they have city sized ships and the means to “come and go as the please” for the most part anywhere they want on earth undetected.

what do they do next? attack us , take us over? buy us out? terra form mars and move in next door? terra form the earth? push us out of the way?

blend in? they are also ‘more perfect than normal” so i am not entirely convinced they would want to ‘return to the family” in the biblical way—

they have enormous power from their alien industrial/military complex –what would they do with it?

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