UFO Sighting in Arcata, California on April 15th 2013 – Trying to film a star like ship, caught something else

I was trying to film a star to see if I could pick it up on my phone. I then zoomed in 100% and saw flashing colors. I kept filming multiple videos for a few minutes. The neighbors a couple houses away were out smoking cigarettes. I didn’t notice them speaking audibly. I was continuing to film to see colors and patterns, then my world went “silent”. Everything around me was still and seemed a little odd. I was still filming. At that time I was under a street light, but the area we live in is near the woods and was still dark enough to see stars brightly. I couldn’t pick anything up on my phone’s camcorder. I even tried to see if I could get the street light in view, nothing showed up. This time was when I heard the whispers. I stopped filming to focus and observe what was going on around me. I then felt a strange sense of confusion. I was completely calm before, and had no reason to be confused until I took my attention away from the sky. I felt out of body slightly and like something I couldn’t explain happened. The only words I could give to it are confusion both mentally and physicallly. I tried to start filming again, but felt a sensation that told me it wasn’t a good idea and to go back in the house. I sat down on the couch once inside and looked to see what I caught. The video that I was originally out to film was there. As well as an entirely unexplained one. The video was of a subtle J shape of orbs lit red and white. I don’t remember seeing anything like that. I put the video on stereo volume and could hear a low vibration sound, as well as chimes and beeps. The beeps are from a fire detector with low batteries. Thefirst couple times I listened to the sounds closely, I could hear the whispers, but no make out of words. After a few times of viewing the video, I can’t sense them anymore. I wasn’t scared during my time in contact. There was no sense of panic, or malevolence.

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