UFO Sighting in Bemidji, Minnesota on April 6th 2014 – facing video camera to north sky @ a 45 degree angle; and observed total of 3 dark saucer-shaped crafts coming from west, and moving east VERY FAST

Since I’d made a report of my last sightings from 3/23/14(which was devastating to me); I decided to continue observing the skies(you never know, right?). So, on 4/6/14 I’d set my video camera up at around 1300 hrs, while at my father’s home; just north of town, about 7 miles, and within the first 18 minutes of the 29 minute video, I’d noticed a dark saucer-shaped object moving across my screen from west(moving slightly downward, at a speed that, like the others I’d caught on video, could NOT be seen with video at “full speed”.
It took approximately another 1 minute, and another object; which appeared to be dark in color as well; but seemed to have more of a pointed front end, appeared from the western sky, slightly lower on the screen, but also moved at once again, a speed that couldn’t be seen at full speed. It took several more minutes; then once again, higher in the sky(within the clouds), at least 3,000 ft(considering the type of clouds); moving from west to east as well…also at to fast of a speed to see @ full speed. No more sightings for the remainder of the video. The video camera was set up on my tri-pod, outside, and was not disturbed until the filming was complete.

I’ve attached a video clip of the 3rd object sighted; along with stills taken from the video; of all 3 objects. I wasn’t sure if the second object was ours or not, but with video at full speed, it appeared as a flash…so, I’m thinking not.

I’m hoping for disclosure very soon; as WE(public), have a right to know the truth!

Thanks once again,


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