UFO Sighting in California on April 7th 2014 – Red & blue lights twisting in one another and coming close.

I was over on first and nees in fresno california i was driving home from the store and me and my friend saw this red and blue light in the sky we thought it could of been a helicopter but it looked quite different so we parked off on this trail by millbrook and nees to get out and look the object was looking as if it was morphing into itself going in a circle almost by st agnes hospital it was going back and fourth and in all kinds of directions there were a few people outside their houses as well watching when we were getting closer by walking i heard some sort of a twirling engine sound sounded like air moving really fast and pressurized and it had to have saw me and my friend when we were walking probably unsafly close to it, it came towards us quick it got about 300 ft away from us in the air almost directly over us as we were walking really fast in the other direction now and it stalled for a little when we did that and went back about 200 ft it was hiding behind the only big trees in the neighborhood probably around a football feild tall. It was also acending and decending at one point it got way too low to see almost looked as if landed(in full neighboorhood would probably be hard) so me and my friend ran back to my car to go drive and see where it was and could not find it at all. We were looking at this craft jump back and fourth for about 5-10 minutes before it dissapeard. It was very close the whole time, not good vibes from it at all almost seemed as if it was looking for something. This object seemed to have way to good of control of its craft, i seen another post in fresno with a ufo that looks highly alike and very recent, weird. One photo is an close up of ther other, can almost see full craft.

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