UFO Sighting in San Jacinto, California on April 6th 2014 – Bright Star light like object from the west moved quickly with no sound and moved NE.

At about 8:05 pm on Sunday April 6th, I was on our front porch with my brother having a cigarette. I noticed through the corner of my eye a bright light appeared near the constellation Orion. I noticed it was moving in an easterly trajectory and told my brother to come take a look. We moved onto our front lawn and witnessed the obect (bright star like object)continue to move easterly and then it started to change its course in a smoooth manner and head north east. No beacon lights, no strobes, no navigation lights and I did not hear jet noise nor piston noise from a GA aircraft. This object moved about 75 miles in less than 2 minutes. I noticed as the obect was directly under the moon (looking to see a shadow shape to no avail)I noticed a slight very small contrail that was only about 5x the size of the light trail behind it.

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