Black Triangle Sighting in Maple Shade Township, New Jersey on April 30th 2005 – many sitings and many ships, some cigar, triangle,disc shaped

it started down the shore in tuckerton nj. The yard is rocks and around 4:30,am a alien was walking towards the window I was sleeping near, it called my name and then i had temporary paralisis. Then i could move after a minute, I went to look and it jumped on the roof, the alien ran across the roof like a squirell on steriods. i felt like it left, so i went outside Over the bay I saw a flash of light with a disc in the middle then it vanished. then a sesna plane flew to where the light was and then turned around this was at 4:30am april 2005. The next week it happened again this time I got a good look at the being it was approx 2 feet tall with a black space suit on and a star constellation on its chest. Then i was spooked to go back down then shore. Then they started coming to my home, coming up to my window at 4:30 am calling my name, telling me to go outside. this went on for many years. Wellaround june 2005, beings came thru my wall and were calling my name. I realized after a while they didnt understand english, so I taught them the alphabet, how to form words and meanings. these beings have the technology to be invisible and to pass thru walls. see i am disabled and no doctor could fix me, they said i would be in bed the rest of my life. These beings probed me, took samples and worked on me for many years. after 2 years of them working on me I miraculously got out of bed this was in 2007. I am no longer bed ridden all the time. Now the aliens worked on my eye with some type of technology they said it will let them see what I see and Help me see them better. sure enough I started to see them better. They also put something in my left ear to hear them better. These beings are telepathic. I experince telepathy, remote viewing, and psychic abilities since they ave been around.Then one day they asked me If i wanted to go on a space ride, I said sure. around 2007 they pulled me thru the wall and carried me to a ship, i remeber being pulled thru the wall and being carried thru trees, i remeber my feet brushing the trees. then i found myself floating in the middle of the ship with a big window in front of me, and two white greys at the controls, They said look at our planet, i did and i saw 4 spirrals and a planet with elongated continents. I asked them what the spirral things were they said directional travel onto their planet, like N S E and west. then I excellerated backwards at a unknown speed the planet vanished and I had a buzzing sensation all thru my body, and i appeared in bed. I heard a racket i asked them what the noise was and the aliens said it was their engine. I felt hands on my body in bed probes going thru my legs,back brain, basically all over my body.One time the alien was touching me in bed and I felt its heart beat thru its hands, and its heart beat was 2-3 times faster than my own. Now the beings are my friends they go where I go , they always talk to me , everyday , all day long,they are still with me still to this day,they wanna communicate to the right people. My friend recorded their voices on a evp recorder. I think I am running out of room so I will end this story for now, hopefully mufon will document the full story and the ships,beings and things and memories i have encountered since 2005.

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