Missing Navy F-14's by UFO in Puerto Rico

I recently read a story by Alan Caviness regarding two missing F-14’s that were alleged to have been taken by a large UFO on Dec 28, 1988 in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. Military Encounter with a ufo

I wrote Alan and he replied a few days ago he does not know what squadron they were from. I told Alan I thought his story was BS and that I am a former F-14 guy from 1989-1996 both VF-101 and VF-143 and I have all of the F-14 buno (serial) numbers ever made and all of the crashes recorded and there is none for that date in Puerto Rico. Not even for 1989.

He wrote back the following to me: “I am really not concerned with whether you can shoot holes in my story. I am actually not done with investigating the F-14 matter. But, I am spread thin and don’t know for certain how soon I can pursue the matter again. I will do it in my own time, though. I don’t really know what your motivation is in wanting to investigate this matter unless you are out to try to disprove the existence of UFOs and their occupants. And you would not be able to succeed in that endeavor. If you wish to believe my article is BS, you are welcome to do so. The point is that I stand on what I said in my article and will not compromise it with any changes that I believe take away from what I believe to be the truth. There is information I have that is not in the article. And there are insights I have that you do not have. But I will tell you that there is something you have missed. And, you might be underestimating how convoluted matters concerning UFOs can actually be. If you would read my article more closely and actually understand the context in which it was written, you might be able to realize that you really can’t shoot holes in my perception of the matter I wrote about. And you will not be able to stop UFOs from existing.”

Apparently I touched a soft spot with him just trying to get the squadron name. And, accusing me of trying to disprove the existence of UFO’s and their occupants? Huh, even his own report or the original report doesn’t say their were occupants in this craft. Surely if there were two missing F-14’s which is four crewman there would be more information on the Internet as to the sqaudron name and the names of the missing aircrew.

I emailed Jorge Martin at two of his current email addresses with no reponse. I emailed George Filer as Alan requested. No response. I emailed Timothy Good who sent me a quick and professional response stating he searched his records but could not fine the squadron name.

The only thing I found aside from Jorge Martin and Alan Caviness report on this was some retired sergeant-major nut claiming that he worked at NATO in a high capacity and saw the document on the incident and that the government knew where the aircrew were being held and that they are safe. Huh?

So, if anybody happens to have the aircrew names and squadron name please let me know. :smile5:

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