UFO Landing in Spokane Valley, Washington on April 3rd 2014 – Possible landing with entities in bedroom

That night my husband and I were sleeping when I started to get excessively warm. I went to kick off my blankets but found that I couldn’t move my legs. I tired to move my arms and had no luck. I was only able to move my head enough to see an entity standing at the foot of the bed. I turned my head and noticed two more standing along the side of the bed behind my husband and he had an obviously disturbed look on his face almost as if he could tell they were there. Our pom-chi dog was whining in her carrier where she sleeps, she’s normally really quiet and doesn’t wake us that often unless it is something serious. The entities stood there for what felt like half an hour before the slowly started to vanish.
I did not really see much of the object that they could have come in on because it was outside. It was kind of a triangle shape when it took off and had been hovering about 100-200 feet off the ground. Our cell phones didn’t work right for the entire day following and we’ve had electronic problems since the incident. The object moved south before going over the mountains.
My husband has no memory of anything that night or the morning after it happened but still remembers waking up with a paranoid feeling.

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