UFO Sighting in Bayard, New Mexico on April 7th 2014 – Bright starlike object went from North horizon to South horizon in 7 seconds

I work at the Chino copper mine in Bayard NM. We work half the month night shifts, and in my 10 years there I have never seen anything like this. At 7:30-7:40 PM on 4-7-14 me and my supervisor were in the pit and noticed a bright star-like object appear to the North. It was moving at a rate of speed that is not humanly possible. It traveled almost directly from North to South and covered the whole sky from the North horizon to South horizon in about 7 seconds. It was about the height that jets and commercial planes fly. The object was super bright like a star but a clear bright color. It was about twice the brightness of Mars, and Mars is bright right now. I got out of my pickup to listen as it passed over us and it made no sound. It had no tail like an asteroid, and the bright light did not blink, it had no blinking lights anywhere. It was right before dark, it was still dusk, but stars were visible. We also worked night shift last night. I was working in the office when I heard over the radio one of the employees call his supervisor to see if he was seeing what he was. I talked to him about an hour after work and he said just East of the mine, around an area known as the Kneeling Nun, there were 3 star-like objects that were hovering, and circled each other then merged and shot off. I did not get the elevation, length of time or trajectory from him though. He did not know of the sighting we had on the 7th, and when I asked him what it looked like, he described the same light that we saw on the previous night. He witnessed it around 5:45 AM around dawn. I do not know if there is a pattern of dusk and dawn, but these lights are really scaring me a little. Either the government has developed technology WAY ahead of their time, or we really are not alone. I would love for there to be an investigation and will cooperate in any way I can with any details needed. I will also have my camera ready in case it happens again.

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