UFO Sighting in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island on March 31st 1997 – close, quiet, huge, clear, blinking blue & red lights …with white "very bright" light on bottom of craft lighting up bay!

I was heading down a road in a new development beside the bay where a French School is, my neighbors from down the road were driving pretty slow when I came from around a turn where I slowed behind them and seen their two kids pointing and “dad” slowing down and pulling over so I finally seen what was taking their attention and I pulled in behind them. “It” was “still” in mid-air and never made so much as a click! {{{SILENT}}} ….after observing it with 4 witness’s …down the street neighbor’s ….well we watched it for about 10 minutes and the neighbors had to leave …it was about 1000 ft away I suppose and it was about 1000 ft high at best! ….it was larger then a passenger jet and was totally quiet.
After my neighbors left I decided to move my car up closer to the bay so I could see it better …basically just a different angle because I could see it fine! …it was long and thin …the first light I noticed was the extremely bright white light shing below the craft, it was in the center and bright and round! …there were no other visible lights on the bottom of the craft ….I know this because after observing the craft for about several minutes more after the witness’s left.
I was propped up against the back of my car and it started to move.
It seem to know I was watching it or something because it made a B-line right for me, I had the car turned off at the time …it was dark! ..
…so it moved slowly toward me, I wasn’t as scared as I was in awe of it and when it reached me “over my head it turned to the NE and at the same smoothness and speed which was slow 15-22kph silently went on its way.
very important notice! ….it had two flashing blue lights and two flashing red lights on the top of the craft ….besides the very bright white light on the bottom of the craft that “dimmed” a lot before it’s decent toward me ….those are the only light’s I seen …the 2 blue & red on top were flashing and the red were flashing twice as fast as the blue!
when I got home 5 minutes after! …no planes or chop’s in over an hour and none expected for over an hour …I was talking to the only guy in the control tower.
Anyway now I know we have nothing like that! …so I’m a believer!
The airport authority did tell someone right away about it because half a dozen airplanes were circling the site after several minutes of phoning them! ….but I watched the thing for say near 20 minutes at least 15 and I never had a camera ….as far as I know or have heard me & my neighbors are the only witness’s so …

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