UFO Sighting in Miramichi, New Brunswick on October 6th 2013 – Perfect blue sky. Having a BBQ with the family when object flu over ours heads and then while flying in a straight line did a 180. Object was see true.

My family and I were in the woods at one of my favorite fishing holes having a BBQ. When we were cleaning up after the BBQ I told my daughter to look up at the beautiful blue sky. As I said that looking west I notice an object flying over the tree tops toward us. There were 5 of us and our dog that witness this event. The object had a shape to it, but was see true. It seem to have a white glow to it , but you could see true it. My girlfriend asked is that a plane when the object was directly over head, and as she ask that question the object while continuing its direction of travel turnt 180 and continued eastward without a sound till we couldn’t see it anymore because of the trees on the other side if the river. It was 20 degrees celcius . Not a cloud in the sky. I’ve been a amateur astronomer for many years, and never seen something unexplained before. I really don’t know what this object is.

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