UFO Sighting in Mexico City, Federal District on February 1st 2014 – Object observed at great altitude, orb-like, silver shining, hovering and moving in straight path.

I was alone visiting the archeological site of Teotihuacan in Mexico on February the 1st, 2014. I was resting, sitting and leaning by the base of one step pyramid. I turned to see on my left side up to the sky when I noticed a shining dot far in the sky. I immediately turned on my Nikon P500 camera and started shooting some pictures and the video I am sending you. The quality of this video is not that good, it was pretty hard to infocus the object due to the distance. The object was moving slowly in straight path, I noticed that for a few seconds the object slowed down (near stopping) and then continued its path smoothly till the moment I couldn’t track it either with the camera or with naked eye, the object simply disappeared in the distance. I consider this a strange event because the altitude this object registered was similar to the supersonic crafts but it did not leave any trail at all and it was very round as an orb.

I like scanning the skies with my camera and my telescope, so I know pretty well the differences between and airplane, or any man-made aircrafts. This is the reason I am sending you this video and pictures. I hope you may identify what it was and eventually tell me if this object was just an aerostatic balloon or something like that.

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