UFO Sighting in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco on April 10th 2014 – hovering but gliding like ice floating on smooth ice, no drag

I am visiting Puerto Vallarta. I woke up early this morning and walked out on to the terrace of where we are staying which has an un-obstructed view of the ocean bay. I actually came outside to have a cigarette, I noticed that the sky was pitch black and you could really see all the stars. I noticed an object which was CLEARLY visible in a rounded boomerang shape with pointed tips and a pointed center piece, it was slowly and by slowly I mean barely drifting very clearly in front of me from south to north. I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It appeared luminescent like the light source was moving around the bottom of it kind of like a jelly fish type glow and movement of light. It was dead silent but more than that just the way it exhibited zero drag to its movement kind of gave it an even more silent type feeling. to say it was levitating almost accounts for the sound of what i would normally feel would be associated with that act of levitation, if that makes sense. it was lighter than floating(?). I could very clearly see the shape and edges of the craft as it was fairly close to me above the water. as the vessel(?) moved to the north without a sound or even a ripple in the air around it it went from this floating type of feeling to turning out very slowly towards the ocean and then all of a sudden ZING! it shot out into the horizon so fast it was stunning. the whole event didn’t last that long but I saw the shape of it and detail clearer than I can see a sailboat in the ocean today. I ran to wake up my partner who was sleeping and was shaking so bad and my heart was beating so fast I couldn’t even talk straight or barely move my legs properly to walk. I had to be calmed down and take deep breaths before I could even begin to explain what I saw. My mind is still trying to make sense of this but i just can’t. I’m asking myself was it a hallucination? I was very awake and fully functional but can the mind slip into a dream? I don’t understand and feel very VERY rattled and scared to tell you the truth. I feel uneasy to tell anyone what I saw for fear of ridicule, and personally still in shock.

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