UFO Sighting in West Milford, New Jersey on April 10th 2014 – Early this morning, I saw something that looked like a baseball on top with a golfball attached, very bright, shooting beams of light.

I woke up this morning (April 10th, 2014) at 3am. I live in Hewitt NJ (in West Milford). I went downstairs to watch some television. I went outside to catch some fresh air and to look at the stars. To my left in the sky, I saw a very bright object…it looked liked two thing attached to each other, but I thought it was a result of looking through tree branches.

I went upstairs to my outdoor deck where I have a tree free view of the stars. I found the object. It was high in altitude. It was white-ish, with an orange-ish color. It looked like a baseball on top with a golf ball attached on the bottom. It was not the color of the other stars.

It was brighter than any object in the sky. At first I thought it could be a planet, except it had two circular objects connected to each.

An airplane flew below it…flashing lights, green, red and white.

It then began to shoot beams of light, laser like from its being.

It shot 1, 2 or 3 beams at a time. Never more than 3 at a time, and only from one side at a time.

On the left, it shot a 45 degree beam upwards.
On the left, it shot a two beams making a 90 degree angle; one up, the other down.

On the right, it shot a 45 degree angle.
On the right it shot two beams making a 90 degree angle.
On time it shot 3 beams with the 90 degree angle, and one at the center.

The beams/rays were 10-15 times the length of the larger circle.

After watching it for approximately 5 minutes, I went back in the house….it was cold, and I was not interested in having a “lost time” experience or getting probed by E.T.’s.

The object looked liked it was over Waywayanda State Park/Clinton Resovaire. (sp).

This is the first time in 48 years I can say I have seen a UFO.

I was a NYC Prot. minister for 5 years. I have been a NYC teacher for 14 years…and I swear this is what I saw. I had no alcohol the day or night before.

Regarding feelings, at first it was, “I can’t be seeing this.” Then it was, “I am seeing a UFO.” I had no feeling of dread, mostly curiosity. When the beams began changing, I was not sure if it was communicating with me or not, or if it was just doing what this UFO normally does. After five minutes, I went back in…I was not interested in it possibly turning into an abduction story. I locked all my doors, and crawled in my lazy boy and blanket to fall tried to fall asleep.

I do not have a video camera. I have a digital camera, but felt it was so far away, it would have come out a blur.

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